2023 Grant Cycle


This year, the Philadelphia Marathon Weekend allocated $250,000 to support our Community Fund. Between February and March 2023, the Fund accepted grant submissions which focused on the theme of “Health Equity for All” and demonstrated efforts to eliminate health disparities, promote the health of Philadelphia’s communities, and safeguard residents from threats that cause disease, injury, and poor health outcomes. A select group of LOI submissions were invited to submit full proposals, and final selections were approved by the Philadelphia City Fund Board of Directors in June 2023.

“Healthy Equity for All” was made a key priority for the City of Philadelphia under Mayor Jim Kenney’s administration. In recent years, addressing the inequities in health has become even more critical as Philadelphians have continued to face extraordinary challenges—from the COVID-19 pandemic to the crises of gun violence and opioids bringing tragedies to our communities and families far too often. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic exposed racial, ethnic, and income-based inequities in the delivery of health services and prevention. In early 2023, Mayor Jim Kenney reaffirmed his commitment to achieving Health Equity in Philadelphia Forward, the revised priority report for his second term.

As a key partner in advancing the City of Philadelphia’s priorities, the Philadelphia City Fund adopted “Health Equity for All” as the theme for its 2023 Community Fund grant cycle, with the goal of partnering with our community to: ensure continued access regardless of immigration status, insurance status, and languages spoken; protect the most vulnerable; and enable rapid and equitable supports and interventions.

Applicants to the 2023 Community Fund were encouraged to submit proposals that approached the theme of Health Equity through a broad lens. We welcomed requests for operational, programmatic, or capacity building needs. View the grant guidelines for the 2023 cycle.


We hope to have an update on the 2024 grant cycle soon. In the meantime, we recommend scrolling to the bottom of any page on our website to sign up for our newsletter and receive updates about our grant opportunities.

For additional information, contact us at cityfund@phila.gov.