A man and a woman, both participants in OHS's vaccine ambassador's program, pose for a picture in LOVE Park.

Housing ends homelessness. Thousands of Philadelphians have overcome homelessness in recent years, and we can help solve it for thousands more.

The City of Philadelphia’s Office of Homeless Services (OHS) provides the leadership, coordination, and planning to not only prevent people from becoming homeless but also provide emergency shelter when they do. OHS and its network of 70 nonprofit, faith-based, and government partners offer people real opportunities to exit homelessness once and for all.

But we need everyone’s help to establish more long-term housing—affordable rentals with employment and services—so we can help more people get off the streets and reclaim their lives.

Ninety-five cents on every dollar you donate will go to nonprofits throughout Philadelphia through a competitive process, providing homes and services to families and individuals who are homeless. Funds are administered through OHS.

Thank you. Together we really can make homelessness on the streets of Philadelphia rare, brief, and non-recurring.

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